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Old favourites and new shinies – my Januari Beauty Buys

3 February 2019
Beauty Buys Januari - First Aid Beauty Set

The first package of the year came in on Januari 3rd – a set that I bought just before the end of the year. And I was sooooo happy to get it! Of course, a few more extras followed this past month – things I obviously could not live without, either! Enjoy my Januari Beauty Buys!

Packages galore

I guess our mailman thinks I am some kind of shopping addict by now. Packages keep getting delivered every week. A beautybox, something I ordered separately, a gift… it never ends!

You know, I still enjoy getting all those packages. I can look forward to getting something all day! And to make things even worse, I buy most of my things online for even more package fun!

An old favourite: Caudalie makeup remover oil

Beauty Buys Januari - Caudalie Makeup Remover

In my very first package of the year was this: an old favourite I found in the Limited Edition Caudalie Box. I loved this makeup remover from Caudalie!

In the box was a travel sized package, but I loved it so much I bought it again. Nothing got makeup off my face like this remover. And it’s also gentle on the eyes: I can even rub it onto my lashes to remove mascara, and it will leave my eyes (and my contact lenses) alone and unharmed.

We want more! First Aid Beauty

Beauty Buys Januari - First Aid Beauty Set

Last year, I received several beauty boxes with cleansers in it. But now I’m all out of cleansers! I decided to go back to last year’s favourite: First Aid Beauty.

On the Look Fantastic website I found this package from First Aid Beauty – with the Face Cleanser, the Ultra Repair Cream and Facial Radiance Pads. Three pretty travel sized packages and two new products for me. I am especially curious about the Ultra Repair Cream, since I’ve heard a lot of great stories about it!

More beauty: the Bluxbox Goodiebag

Bluxbox Goodiebag

A short while ago, Bluxbox had this goodiebag on sale. It contains products from previous Bluxboxes. Very efficient! Blux will clear their inventory space, it makes people happy and they won’t have to throw away good stuff! And this Bluxbox fan can buy more beauty for a friendly little price. How great is that?!

I bought the larger one of the goodiebags and received my order the next day already! My goodiebag contained eleven products from previous Bluxboxes. I found a few favourites I already had from the box, and a whole bunch of things I had not seen before. Great fun all around – you can find the complete unboxing here!

Homeliness: In Stock Cooking

Beauty Buys Januari - In Stock Cooking

Okay, this is not really a Beauty Buy, but I am going to share it with you anyway. I found this book while I was grocery shopping. And because I don’t like to throw good stuff out (I try to keep the food waste to a minimum here), I bought this book for some inspiration on how to re-use those little leftovers and keep my food for longer.

It contains a lot of recipes using things you would normally throw away (like lemon peels) and ways to make your food keep for longer so you won’t have to throw it out after a few days in your fridge. This book is going to be so handy when our vegetable garden explodes with goodies again!

And that’s it! Three beauty buys for this month – and a book. But a lot of new products! I am very happy with my purchases once again, and of course I will be reviewing them for you!

What have you guys been shopping this month?

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