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Unboxing: the Winter 2019 Bluxbox

1 February 2019
Bluxbox Winter 2019

Sometimes it is really hard to wait. Especially for Bluxbox, since it only comes once every two months. I had expected it to arrive a little later, but to my surprise I already found it waiting for me in the mailbox: the Winter 2019 Bluxbox.

About Bluxbox

Bluxbox is a subscription beautybox that is sent out once every two months (so six times a year). It contains a lot of fullsize products, and sometimes a travel size or a sample. The products in the box have a lot of variation: I have found skincare, haircare, shower stuff, makeup and even mouth care in my boxes.

The brands inside the box are very nice and easy to get, so it’s easy to get more if you like what you are getting, or to try other products from the same brand.

Bluxbox will cost you €29,95 a box and you will receive one every other month. These get sent out through DHL, and around here those guys are pretty fast. Unless Bluxbox has a delivery problem themselves (which happened only once and they were very communicative about it) my box is here within a day or two. I love it and I am happy to unbox it with you guys!

Box contents

Because the content is the most importants part! I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s what I found in my Winter 2019 Bluxbox:

Aldo Vandini Hand Mask

Aldo Vandini – Regeneration Handmask: I found a body lotion of this brand in a previous box, which smells very nice and I love to use it after a shower. This hand mask is not a glove to wear, but just a cream you put on and let it soak in. There are two packets in the box, so you can try it twice.

Aldo Vandini Overnight Mask

Aldo Vandini – Over-Night Face Mask: In the same style as the hand mask, there are two overnight masks in here as well. I’ve never really used an overnight mask, so I am curious about this one!

Biore Pore Strips

Biore – Deep Pore Cleansing Combi Strips: Oh, I remember these kind of strips! I used to use these all the time (from another brand, admittedly) back when I was in college. They used to work great for me, so nice to see these again!

Figs&Rouge Pore Perfect

Figs & Rouge – Soft Focus Pore Perfect: Another great product! I know Figs & Rouge from a primer I received in a Goodiebox (and still haven’t tried despite all the happy reviews). Great to find another product of theirs in here!

Glov Quick Treat

Glov – Quick Treat: I had to think about this one for a bit. It is a sort of little cloth / sponge you can put on your finger to get those little spots of runny mascara and specks of eyeliner that get loose during the day. So smart! I am curious to see if this works better than the paper tissues I usually use for this purpose.

Mesauda Milano Blush

Mesauda Milano – Diamond Blush: Wow, if I just keep on with Blux and Goodiebox I will have a complete collection by Mesauda! This blush does look lovey by the way. Nice big package and the blush itself gives off a nice, soft colour.

Monu Skin Firming Facial Oil

Monuskin – Firming Fiji Facial Oil: I had to think where I saw this brand before… but I am currently using the Night Renewal Cream from this brand! This one is a facial oil, actually for dry skin so I will have to be careful about using it on my combination skin. It does smell delicious, so I am very much tempted to use it!

Palmolive Porifying Clay Body Wash

Palmolive – Clay Body Wash: Great, a nice big bottle from Palmolive! This gentle body peeling with clay should clean the skin and give you that luxurious spa feeling right at your home. It comes in three different scents. My box gave me the Aloe Vera one, and it smells really nice and fresh. This one is going to the bathroom right away!

Purol Lipbalsem

Purol – Bee Lip Balm: Great, a lip balm! I can never have enough of these. Not even when I still have a pile in stock. Those sticks are just so handy! And Purol is a great brand, so this stick will definitely help me to survive the rest of the winter.

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

Redken – Extreme Anti-Snap: Oh wow, another great brand in this box! This stuff will help revive damaged hair and protects against the daily damage. Just put it into your hair after washing it… and leave it in. So don’t rinse it! The box contains a travel size of this product.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

Nyx – Soft Matte Lip Cream Tokyo: Sweet, a pretty lip cream from Nyx! Wow!! I really love this colour. Warm and neutral, exactly what I like to wear. Normally I like the skincare parts best, but this bit of makeup makes me very happy!

Wow, great products in the Winter 2019 Bluxbox! I am very happily surprised and this time around, I can really use all the products in there. Great brands like Figs & Rouge, Nyx, Redken and Purol and a lot of variety once again. Great collection of things and a pleasure to get. So happy with this!

Bluxbox Winter 2019 Value

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