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Unboxing: the fresh January Goodiebox!

20 January 2019
Goodiebox Januari Uitgepakt Banner

Yes, here it is! After all those somewhat disappointed reactions to the previous few boxes on social media, this one gets a lot of praise. And rightly so: it is stuffed with gorgeous products! Watch and enjoy the fresh January Goodiebox.

About Goodiebox

Goodiebox Januari

For those not (yet!) familiar with Goodiebox: this is a monthly subscription box. As a Goodiebox member, you get a box sent to you every month, with six (fullsize or travel size) products inside. These can be skincare products, makeup or even beauty tools. All of those products have something in common: the box theme!

What I love about Goodiebox is their ‘not happy, money back’ policy. If you are really unhappy with your Goodiebox, you can just send it back to them and get your money back. How is that for great service?!

Also, when you subscribe as a Goodiebox member, you always get a little welcoming gift with your first Goodiebox. And you get the latest Goodiebox sent to you already, so you can enjoy your subscription right away instead of having to wait for the next box release!

Theme: Keep it fresh!

As said, every Goodiebox has its own theme. The January Goodiebox is themes ‘Keep it fresh!’. According to the booklet (which also contains a description of all the products), this month’s box offers you a fresh start of the new year. Including a kickstart for your skin and some things to make you glow through the remaining dark days of winter. Hang in there, the days are getting longer and spring is on its way!

Also nice: on the back of the booklet, you’ll find a little DIY to make your own mask. With just a banana, some honey and a bit or orange juice. Nice thought, I am surely going to try that!

What’s in the January Goodiebox?

Okay, on to the most important part: the contents! This month, we have six products in the Goodiebox and I LOVE them all! Here’s what was in my Goodiebox this month:

Goodiebox Januari - Naobay Cleanser

Naobay – Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser van Naobay: Yes, a cleanser! That has been a while. Naobay is said to be in beautyboxes more often and I do know the brand from the foot cream I received in an earlier Goodiebox. I really liked that one, so curious about this cleanser!

Goodiebox Januari - Charcoal Sponge

Daily Concepts – Multi-functional Soap Sponge Charcoal: Hey, I remember this one! I found one on my Bluxblox a while ago and reviewed (in dutch for now – translation coming!) it. Lovely little sponge! Perhaps I should keep this one for a vacation?

Goodiebox Januari - Beauty Blender

Goodiebox Beautyblender: I always love getting makeup tools in my boxes. I already received a beauty sponge in my December Look Fantastic Box, but hey, you can never have too many of these!

Goodiebox Januari - Complete Cream

Youth Lab – CC Complete Cream SPF 30: Okay… what is it? This little cream doesn’t know, either. According to the booklet it’s 4-in-1 cream serving as a serum, moisturiser, (light) foundation and sun protection. Can’t wait to try this little gem!

Goodiebox Januari - Afterspa doekje

Afterspa – Magic Makeup Remover: This curious little cloth promises to remove makeup – without a makeup remover! Just water. And waterproof makeup, too. And you can just toss it in the laundry. Wow, can’t wait to try this one! Though if it works, I might need like six more…

Goodiebox Januari - Laritzy Dew Pot

Laritzy Cosmetics – Dew Pot: The last item in the January Goodiebox is a bit of makeup. Also a multifunctional bit: you can use this Dew Pot as a highlighter, blush or eyeshadow and apply it very lightly or heavy and sultry. Sounds good to me!

Wow, what a box we have this month! Although I did enjoy the products from the previous couple of boxes as well, I can understand why people were a little disappointed. The products were nice, but not very surprising. The January Goodiebox makes up for all this and more: great content! Gorgeous things to use, things that make me curious and they are suitable for (almost) everyone. Great!

Waarde Goodiebox Januari

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