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Unboxing: the Bluxbox goodiebag

23 January 2019
Bluxbox Goodiebag

Bluxbox sent out an email about their goodie bag a while ago and I’ve been wanting to get one since. Inside are eleven products from previous Bluxboxes. And the goodiebags came in two sizes: a smaller for €14,95 and a larger one for €24,95.

Now I haven’t been a Bluxbox member for very long, so after some hesitation (into the shopping cart, out of the shopping cart…) I decided to get the larger goodiebag for €24,95. Delivery was super fast: I ordered on friday and received a package the next morning. WOW!

About Bluxbox

Bluxbox Goodiebag

If you are unfamiliar with Bluxbox: this is one of the oldest Dutch beautybox subscriptions around. For €29,95 you receive a box once every two months. These boxes contain at least eight products. This can really be anything beauty: skincare, makeup, haircare and even mouth care have been in these boxes.

Aside from that, there are regular extra which you can just order per piece, like limited edition boxes and goodiebags like this one. A lot of fun and less waste this way. Great!

What’s in the Bluxbox goodiebag?

So I bought the larger version of the goodiebag. I have considered buying both (just because I am sooooo curious!) but the website warned me I would partly receive the same items in both bags. I did not feel like double goodies, so I passed on the smaller.

This was in my Bluxbox goodiebag: no less than eleven beautiful products from previous boxes:

Bluxbox Goodiebag - Colgate Natural Extracts

Colgate – Natural Extracts toothpaste: Honestly, I have never found a toothpaste in my beautybox before. I did get some of those whitening strips before, but I passed on those. Curious about this though!

Bluxbox Goodiebag - Easypick Tandenstokers

Easypick Toothpicks: Never had these appear in a beautybox before, either. But this is something my love and I both use regularly, so yeah, handy! And it includes a little travel case, so ready to use right away!

Nivea Makeup Remover

Nivea – Micellar Skin Breathe Eye Makeup Remover: I have received this one in another Bluxbox already (check the review) and I liked it a lot! Mine is already empty so very nice to get a refill!

Bluxbox Kerst 2018 - Olaz Eye Serum

Olaz – Firming Eye Serum: I also have this one already. It is still in use, even! I use it twice a day and it is a nice, light eye serum. Review is on its way, but I certainly do want a second tube of this stuff!

Bluxbox Goodiebag - EMK Nachtcreme

EMK – Supra Night Recovery Cream: Okay, I am having my doubts about this product. Not because of the night cream, that’s great! But, umm… placenta? Okay, I do categorise that as ‘weird’. I am going to investigate that… and of course I am going to test it!

Bluxbox Goodiebag - Batiste Droogshampoo

Batiste – Dry shampoo: I know some people really don’t want to find this in their beauty box, but this travel size looks very handy to me. Usable on the go or to take on a vacation. I’ll bring it!

Bluxbox Goodiebag - Avene Eau Thermale

Avene – Eau Thermale: I already have this one as well. Haven’t really tried it yet aside from a little testing spritz, but it feels nice and fresh to use. You can fixate your makeup with it, or just freshen up. A nice summer product I think, so this one will be waiting for the sunshine.

Floxia Exfoliating Detox Mask

Floxia – Peel off Detox Mask: This sample from Floxia came from a box I have received before, and I liked it a lot! So, not bad to get another little tube for another mask. Good size to take on a vacation, too!

Bluxbox Goodiebag - Aldo Vandini Body Mousse

Adol Vandini -Tender Body Mousse Hibiscus and Karite butter: The last Bluxbox I received had a body lotion of this brand. It smells lovely and feels great on my skin, so I am curious about the contents of this little jar!

Bluxbox Goodiebag - Quattro Eyeshadow

ChristianFaye – Quattro Eyeshadow in Black:  A lovely little eyeshadow palette with four shades of black – and instructions for a smokey eye on the package. Love the colours and the bit of glitter! I surely am going to try those instructions!

Bluxbox Goodiebag - Loving Blends Haarmasker

Garnier – Loving Blends repairing hair mask: Lastly, there is this little sample from Garnier. I use a hair mask once a week, so this one will surely find its way into the shower.

And that was what’s in my Bluxbox goodiebag! Some familiar products that I know and love (and will use again!), and some new products that we’re in boxes from before I subscribed. Always fun to get new stuff and try it out, so I am pretty happy with my purchase!

Bluxbox Goodiebag Value


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