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Review: Nivea Micellair Skin Breathe Expert Eye Makeup Remover

16 January 2019
Nivea Makeup Remover Banner

This Nivea Eye Makeup Remover was in the Fall BluxBox. It’s a light makeup remover that reminds me most of a micellair water when I use it – which is probably why it has this name.

About Nivea

Nivea Makeup Remover

Well, what should I tell you about Nivea! This brand is so well known I really can’t imagine anyone who has never heard of it – or has it in their bathroom and/or handbag!

Nivea is over 100 years old – and it still works! Almost everyone (at least here in the Netherlands) knows Nivea cream in the signature blue tin. The original product came out in 1911 and signalled the start of modern, cosmetic skincare. And by now, Nivea is one of the biggest skincare brands in the world.

About the Micellair Skin Breathe Expert Eye Makeup remover

This name is quite a mouthful, isn’t it? The bottle has a dark colour, which is different from the usual fresh and bright colours I am used to seeing from Nivea. This does make the bottle look more modern and sleek, but I still prefer the light and bright.

The scent of this stuff is very neutral. A bit fresh-ish, actually what I would expect a Nivea product to smell like. Nice!

The name NIVEA comes from the Latin words “nix, nivis” and means “snow”. When translated, NIVEA literally means “snow white”.

Use of the product

According to the bottle, you need to shake it before use. Okay, I regularly forget to do that. Thankfully I don’t really notice much of a difference in effectivity whether I did or did not shake before use, so I guess it’s not too horrible to forget once in a while.

The regular use of the Nivea eye makeup remover is easy and exactly how you would expect to use it. You just put a bit on a cotton pad (after shaking the bottle, obviously…) en use that to remover the makeup from your eyes.

It removes eyeshadow very easily, so no problem there! Things become a little more difficult when you are also trying to remove eyeliner or mascara. That stuff is on and between your lashes and harder to reach with a cotton pad.

Usually I need about four pads to remove most of the makeup from my eyes. I wash my face with a regular cleanser afterwards, and usually there are still little bits of makeup coming off there.

Despite that, this eye makeup remover is very eye-friendly. Even when I used a little bit too much and get some in my eye, it does not sting. Not even with my contact lenses still in. Very nice!

I also accidentally used it to remove lipstick that wouldn’t wash off. And, despite this being called an eye makeup remover, it works great! It doesn’t even taste gross… I tried.

Nivea Makeup Remover Banner
Product: Micellar Skin Breathe Expert Oogmake-up Remover
Brand: Nivea
Buy: Kruidvat
Costs: €6,99

My thoughts

Altogether this Nivea eye makeup remover is a very nice product to clean off your makeup. Officially, it is meant for eye makeup, but you can also remove other makeup with it. And it’s friendly for your eyes, even when you wear contact lenses.

One drawback is the use of cotton pads. Because of this, you can’t really remove ALL of the makeup, though this is something that goes for all products that work this way – not just Nivea.

All in all, if you are looking for a nice, affordable makeup remover that does not hurt your eyes, this is a good choice.

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