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Review: Morning Boost Mask by Mudmasky

16 February 2019
Mudmasky Morning Boost Mask

Lately is has been SO busy here. My husband works in shifts (out at 4 am one week, back from work around midnight the other) and I have stupidly accepted a job in the middle of the country, which is over two hours commute to get there (and another two to get back home). Time is lacking everywhere… enter Mudmasky Morning Boost Mask!

Right now I am just too busy for rounds of luxurious masking, hours of testing or doing research. We are just trying to survive here. I did notice my skin getting worse: less soft and smooth, and with more little pimples and impurities. And then I thought of something. Don’t I have a few things left from the Prep ‘n Go Goodiebox? And yes! There it was: the Morning Boost Mask by Mudmasky. Made in Holland.

Abtou Mudmasky

Mudmasky Morning Boost Mask

the Mudmasky story is good: it all started with two people meeting each other on a plane. A Swiss dermatologist and a Dutch entrepreneur. They got to talking about skincare and why so many brands use chemical components in their products. It’s all about the money, one said. But can’t we make something completely natural? wondered the other. And soon after, Mudmasky was born. A simple, ph-neutral face mask. No chemicals added. And no flashy marketing words like ‘life-changing’, ‘latest technology’ or ‘secret ingredient’.

So no, they are NOT cheap. But they’re good. So good even, that they ship their stuff worldwide, for free – AND give a money back-guarantee on their products. And even stubborn enough to simply produce by themselves what no other would to (because money).

About the Morning Boost Mask

I was pleasantly surprised with this gift in my Goodiebox. Made in Holland! You don’t see that very often, and certainly nog in an originally Danish beautybox. And now, in my busy time, I hope to have found my lifesaver.

When you open the tube, a dark brown goo comes out, and it smells rather sweet. It reminded me of chocolate… and what’s better than chocolate in the morning, right?! Of the type you put on your face – so it won’t make you fat, either. That makes me happy! (okay, in hindsight I looked at the sight and there’s coffee in it, apparently – also good in the morning!)

The instructions are simple: wash your hands (not your face) and apply. Go brush your teeth and then remove again. Voila! Clean and fresh skin are yours!

We don’t sell you hope in a plastic tube. Your MUDMASKY® Face Mask helps your skin adapt the right pH-value. An important first step to a healthy pH-Balanced skin. Easy.

Using the Morning Boost Mask

Okay, so that sounds simply enough. but how is it really? Because, well, I have to be honest: this stuff sounds a little too good to be true, right? All mask effects in just one minute (or two, if you brush your teeth for longer than that)?

I had to quickly give up my scepticism though – this stuff is GOOD! I put that sweet brown chocolate Morning Boost Mask on my face and… had to think fast! Because it works so quickly, it also dries very fast. So while your mask is quick, you’ll have to be quick as well!

On my face, it looked a lot less dark brown. More a bit transparent. I brushed my teeth meanwhile and so this mask had a little longer than one minute (more like two or three) to work its magic. It does not completely dry out or harden, but it does get a little sticky. Not that it matters, because it is easily washed off again.

And during that washing, I discovered the ‘Morning Boost’ effect. I think they hid a little bit of mint or something in this mask, because my face felt so clean and fresh! Kind of like what tooth paste (or mouth water) does in your mouth, this does for your skin. Leaves is feeling fresh and tingly. As an added bonus, my skin did not feel dry at all after use. So no need for extra facial oil or other special care – just your regular daily skincare and go.

Mudmasky Morning Boost Mask

Product: Morning Boost Mask
Brand: Mudmasky
Cost: €69,00 (60 ml)

What I think

I have had to try the Mudmasky Morning Boost Mask a few times before it convinced me. The first time, I noticed little different and wondered if it wasn’t just too good to be true. But after a few uses I had it, and it worked!

So no dry skin because of aggressive components, but a nice, clean and fresh feeling. No, they are not cheap, but this stuff actually does what it promises: make a good, working product with all natural ingredients. So if you can afford the price, this one is definitely worth a try!

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