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Review: Ilse Jacobsen – Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream

5 December 2018
Ilse Jacobsen Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream

I’ve always wanted to try one, and now I have one: an eye cream! This Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream by Ilse Jacobsen was in the October Goodiebox. I am prone to baggy eyes sometimes and it makes me look soooooo tired, so this cream is my only hope now! 

About Ilse Jacobsen

Ilse Jacobsen Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream

Ilse Jacobsen is a Danish brand (hello, Danish roots from Goodiebox!) and it’s made by a lady with the same name. This brand has a lot of different stuff: when you google this name you will also find a big range of outdoor clohing and ditto shoes. Clicking through to the brand webpage shows that Ilse is a multi-talented woman: she sells clothes and shoes, beauty products, flowers and even has some spa resorts to her name! 

Her inspiration for it all is the rugged, untamed nature around Hornbæk, where she was born and raised. Her beauty products contain all natural ingredients which naturally occur in the Hornbæk area. 

About the Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream

The Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream is contained by a small tube with an even smaller bit at the end, which makes it easy to squeeze out the tiny amount that you need. And you really do need only a tiny bit for around your eyes.

The scent of this eye cream is very neutral. According to the website, that is because there are no artificial scents added in order to protect the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Hornbæk is the backdrop for Danish Designer Ilse Jacobsen’s life and creativity.

Product use

I used the Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream as intructed: twice a day (mornings and evenings). I squeezed a tiny amount out of the tube and kind of stippled this around my eyes, then gently patted the cream into my skin using my ring finger. 

I really liked how this eye cream felt on my skin. The skin around my eyes felt refreshed and that is a very good thing after you’ve had a rough night and you need to drive to work with your eyes hand closed. I am not sure I actually looked more awake, but it’s the feeling that counts! 

Ilse Jacobsen Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream
Product: Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream
Brand: Ilse Jacobsen
Cost: €30,00 (15 ml)

My thoughts

I made a photo of my eyes before I started using this product, just for shits ‘n giggles. A day before I started writing this blog, I made another… to have a look for yourself:

I did not think my eyes changed that much before I saw this, and it may be just a difference in light (because I took the second photo in a different room and at a different time of day – sorry about that). But it does seem that the lines underneath my eyes are a little less prominent, and the bags under my eyes are a bit less as well. Although that could also be because I just slept better. 

Regardless of the visible effects, this cream does feel very nice. So maybe I am imagining things, but I do feel a little bit more refreshed in the morning – especially after a night with too little sleep. 

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