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Review: Glow Activating Anti Wrinkle Serum by Caudalie

2 January 2019
Serum van Caudalie

This serum by Caudalie was the first ever serum I tried. Well, apart from a sample from Avant from the Look Fantastic beauty box. I got the Caudalie one in a Limited Edition Caudalie beautybox from Look Fantastic – great box, by the way! After a week of using this I was in love, and a few months later, it was gone. But I will certainly buy this again!

About Caudalie

Caudalie is all about grapes. Wine lovers may already know this word: Caudalie means the amount of time wine aromas still linger in the mouth after tasting.

Serum van Caudalie

A French couple owning a wine farm discovered there is more to grapes than just making wine. Grape seeds contain one of the most powerful anti oxidants in the plant kingdom: polyfenols. And thus, Caudalie was born: from grape seeds that could not be used for making wine, but may be your skin’s rescue.

About the Glow Activating Anti Wrinkle Serum

A long name for an extraordinary product. This Serum by Caudalie comes in a lovely, luxurious looking pump flask. With the pump, you will get just the right amount of product every time, and any dirt will be kept out. Great!

The serum itself has a very neutral scent. It is hard to describe it exactly, but it just smells like you would expect a luxury cream to smell. The serum is rather fluid. Not completely liquid though, so it won’t go anywhere while you’re applying it.

“We were looking for a French name connected to our wine-making roots. Caudalie is a wine term that refers to the unit of measurement for the time the flavours of a wine linger on the palate after tasting it.”

Use of the product

This serum by Caudalie was my first, real tryout with serums in my beauty routine. And it was a great first product to try!

I used this serum twice a day, in the morning and evening. Thanks to the little pump I had just the right amount each time, though it was a little puzzle applying it. When you are not used to applying a serum, it seems logical to start with applying it as you would a cream. But since it’s much more light and liquid, it’s easier to apply over a larger surface of skin, so you will need less of it.

Because you get the right amount every time, the bottle will last you for a long time. I had to put it aside a few times to test other things, but overall it lasted me about a month. Lately, I’ve been using a little bit more than a single pump – it got colder outside and with that, my skin got a little more demanding.

Serum van Caudalie
Product:   Glow Activating Anti Wrinkle Serum
Merk:       Caudalie
Kopen:     Look Fantastic
Kosten:    € 41,45 (30 ml)

My thoughts

I enjoyed this serum very much! It hydrated my skin before I even applied a cream and took care of any dry spots and irritation because of dry skin. When I applied my usual cream after, I could use a much lighter cream, so there were no greasy spots on my mixed skin either.

All in all I loved this product, and I am sad to see it go. I have a few more serums to test, but I will definitely get this one again after!

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