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Review: Eve Lom White Brightening Cream

1 December 2018
Eve Lom White Brightening Cream

In the Limited Edition Eve Lom Box I bought at Look Fantastic, I found this pretty little pot of White Brightening Cream.  This cream can be used mornings and evenings and it promises to correct pigmentation and boost luminosity. I tested this in combination with the Eve Lom Cleanser from the same box. 

About Eve Lom

Eve Lom White Brightening Cream

Eve Lom started out with the cleanser, which is still their iconic product to this day and – according to their website – the first step to beautiful, radiant skin. Eve Lom uses beautiful, luxurious and natural ingredients to make beauty products that are suitable for every skin type and even for some recurring skin problems. 

About the White Brightening Cream

As with all Eve Lom product, the White Brightening Cream comes in a little package of its own: in a luxurious white and gold pot, complete with a thorough instruction leaflet and a small spatula to ensure hygiene. 

One of the things I hear often is that people will not buy their moisturizer in a pot, because it is not hygienic. When you regularly stick your (unwashed) fingers in the pot, the bacteria from your hands transfer to the product inside, and this is what you put on your face twice a day! So, to prevent that from happening, you get this little spatula. Its easy to clean and keeps your (admittedly expensive) product safe! 

The cream itself has a lovely, creamy texture and is completely white. The scent is very neutral, kind of what you would expect a cream to smell like. And then there is the pot itself: a lovely blend of frosted white glass and gold details. Looks lovely on the bathroom shelf! 

Our luxurious formulas encourage mindful application and feel like a daily treat for your skin.

eve lom

Product use

I simply used the White Brightening Cream as described in the instructions: apply twice a day and do not use a toner between cleansing and applying. Scooping out the correct amount of cream with the spatula took a little bit of practice (because how much do you actually use for your entire face and neck…?) but did work well for me. I am going to keep the spatula and use it with other jars I may get as well! 

The White Brightening Cream feels very full and moisturising on my skin, and it is easy to apply. The cream gets absorbed quickly and it makes my skin feel really amazing! I don’t think it has ever felt so soft. I do dab a little bit extra onto the dry patches of skin at my cheeks, so if you have dry skin you will probably need a little bit more than usual of this cream. But that little bit also gets absorbed quickly, so no problem there!

Eve Lom White Brightening Cream
Product: White Brightening Cream
Brand: Eve Lom
Buy at: Look Fantastic
Costs: €86,45 (50 ml)

My thoughts

Wow, this product is amazing! Especially at this time of the year, when it gets cold outside and my skin needs a little bit extra love and care. The spatula works well with the pot, it gets absorbed very quickly, I don’t need a separate toner, but I do use a little bit of serum under my cream in the evening. 

What makes the White Brightening Cream special is that it really is suitable for every skin type. I needed a little bit extra on the dry patches of skin, but it worked well just the same. On the oilier bits of my skin it got absorbed just as fast, but did not leave a greasy feel or oily sheen behind. Even after an entire day, my skin was overall less oily. After a good four weeks of use, I can say it left my skin feeling better, looking more smooth and I had less breakouts. The only disadvantage I can think of, as with the cleanser, may be the price tag. But truth be told, that price tag does get you an amazing product. 

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