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Review: Eve Lom Cleanser

12 December 2018
Eve Lom Cleanser

A while ago I bought a Limited Edition Eve Lom beauty box at Look Fantastic. Admittedly it was a bit expensive, but I have NOT regretted getting this box. Wow, such amazing products! This Eve Lom cleanser was also included in the monthly beauty box, in a sweet sample size. I really love this stuff, and it also removes makeup!

About Eve Lom

Eve Lom Cleanser

Eve Lom started out with this cleanser, which is also the brand’s most iconic product and, according to their website, the first step to glowing, healthy skin. Eve Lom believes that cleansing is an essential step towards radiant skin, and I do agree with them. 

The brand uses beautiful, luxurious and natural ingredients in their iconic cleanser. With the included instruction, you also get thorough instructions for some relaxing massage techniques to enable your skin to effectively remove toxins and other waste. 

About the cleanser

So the Eve Lom Cleanser is the first and most iconic product in their brand range. It also comes in a luxurious packaging: a large jar of cleanser, massage instructions and a special ‘muslin cloth’. That last  thing is a cleaning cloth, made of woven cotton. It feels very nice on the skin and because of the woven cloth, you also get a gentle scrub when you use it. The massage techniques also enable you to have a little relaxing moment every time you cleanse your skin, so you’ll leave your bathroom radiant and completely relaxed. 

I do love the packaging, it really is a small, all-inclusive package you buy. When opening the jar, the cleanser itself looks… green. It’s an uncommon colour for a cleanser, but it also smells rather green, if that makes sense. A bit like herbs and plants and nature. I do like the scent, but I’ve also read reviews from people who absolutely hated it. So a little bit of literal sniffing around before buying this (still pricey) cleanser might be a good idea, here. 

We believe flawlessly clean and gently exfoliated skin provides the perfect canvas for skincare to perform, allowing us to achieve optimum results for your skin.

eve lom

Product use

Okay, I admit I don’t always have time for a luxurious facial massage when I’m cleansing my skin. In the morning I am usually in a hurry, and in the evening I am tired and just want to go to sleep as soon as I can. So I did not really do that part. 

Lack of massages aside, this cleanser is very pleasant to use! It took a bit to get used to the scent, but I do like it. You can take a bit of cleanser and just warm it between your fingers until it gets a little more fluid, and then just apply it on your dry skin. A separate makeup remover is not needed: this cleanser will also remove makeup. You can even remove eyeshadow and mascara with this – it does not sting in your eyes and even my contact lens wearing eyes did not get irritated, which is pretty unique! 

The complementary muslin cloth is also very pleasant to use. I now prefer these over the usual washcloth, so I was very happy to find three more muslin cloths in my limited edition box. That brings my total amount of cloths to four – plus a half sized one from the monthly Look Fantastic beautybox. I love dunking them in hot water, squeeze them out a little bit and put the warm, damp cloth over your face. Instant relaxation! 

Aside from the relaxing benefits it also just cleans very well. My face feels very clean and fresh, without drying out too much. Good things! 

Eve Lom Cleanser
Product: Cleanser
Brand: Eve Lom
Buy: Look Fantastic
Cost: €63,45 (100 ml)

My Thoughts

I think this Eve Lom cleanser really deserves its iconic status in the beauty world. It’s just a fantastic product! The only drawback would be the price tag – which is a little steep and makes me want to reconsider buying another jar now that I’ve emptied this one. It is certainly worth the money though! 

Everything about the cleanser just fits: it does its job wonderfully, you can toss out your makeup remover (that saves some money right there) and with the included muslin cloth you can create little spa moments right in your own bathroom. Highly recommended! 

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