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Review: Coco & Eve – Like a Virgin Hair Mask

9 January 2019
Coco & Eve Hair Mask

If you follow beauty brands and blogs on social media, you have probably found a sponsored message for Coco & Eve’s Like a Virgin Hair Mask on your timeline somewhere. I know I did – I saw them everywhere!

And as it goes with sponsored messages and rave reviews you see over and over again – I got curious. Curious enough to order it and see for myself.

About Coco & Eve

Coco & Eve - Pakketje

On the Coco & Eve website you can find all kinds of lyrical reviews about their key product, the Like a Virgin Hair Mask. It is said to give you super soft hair, repair damaged locks and make your pretties full, shiny and silky. But first things first: Coco and who…?

The Coco & Eve story begins on tropical Bali – an island I, too, have lost my heart to when I visited. Two key ingredients from the Hair Mask are from here: coconuts and figs. The rest of the mission is actually pretty simple: Bali is great! But sun, sea and beach can damage your hair. So, Bali (or any other potential hair disaster) now has its own Hair Mask, with locally produced coconut oil. Plus, it’s paraben free!

About the Like a Virgin Hair Mask

It took a bit of time for my package to arrive from overseas (they do ship worldwide, by the way!) – but it looked sooo happy! I immediately got that happy summer holiday feeling when I saw it.

Coco & Eve - Pakketje

The Hair Mask comes in a big jar, and in my case (this can differ depending on running offers and sales) a little tangle tamer and a buig towel wrap for my hair. A lovely and very complete hair care set!

Of course I just had to open the jar and take a snif… be careful if you do because it is filled to the brim! I have used coconut wax in the past and it had this overwhelming coconut smell that just got on everything…. not the case here. Yes, you can smell the coconut, but also some other things which makes it a lot more subtle and fresh. I love it!

With sandy toes and beachy Bali hair came our inspiration for a hair masque which would rescue and repair our unruly, parched and damaged locks.

Product use

According to the jar, you need to use this stuff once a week, and don’t be shy with the amounts you put into your hair. Just cover it all up! It takes ten minutes to work its magic, but you can also leave it in overnight for a big hair booster.

Because I did not want the stuff on my pillow no matter how gorgeous it smells, I opted for the ten minute routine. Although I must admit I haven’t been very strict with the time. If you can leave it in overnight, it won’t hurt if I stick to it for a few extra minutes, right?

Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Mask

I washed my hair before applying the mask on towel dry hair. I brushed through it with the little tangle tamer and put the towel over it all for ten minutes. Hey, you could even put a little face mask on while you’re waiting!

When I started rinsing it out I noticed my hair felt very very soft – like I had just added a heap of conditioner to it. After rinsing it all out, it still stays soft and easy to brush through.

After my hair had dried (I almost never blow dry my hair) it still feels soft and silky – and it has a wonderful tropical scent as well! Thankfully, this Hair Mask is no conditioner: my hair does not get greasy faster, but actually I can go a day longer without using shampoo.

The only (small) drawback I can find with this mask is that it seems to make my hair a bit heavier, so my natural waves fall flat. But this is easily remedied with a hairbrush and a bit of spray.

Coco & Eve Hair Mask
Product: Like a Virgin Hair Mask
Merk: Coco & Eve
Kosten: € 39,90

What I think

To be honest, I was not really sure what to expect of this stuff. Usually I only believe half of what a hype claims to be, but in this case, Coco & Eve has another dedicated fan.

I absolutely love this stuff, it’s great for your hair. My own hair is bleached at the bottom, and that makes it a bit dry and brittle. No problem for this Hair Mask by Coco & Eve! En it smells gorgeous, too.

So, is it worth the hype? A big YES from me!

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