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Review: Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

31 January 2019

This Instant Detox Mask by Caudalie came from the Limited Edition Look Fantastic box I bought a while ago. It has been in my skincare cabinet for a while because I wanted to try some other masks first – and I am so sorry I left it there! This mask has very quickly become one of my favourites!

About Caudalie

Caudalie is all about grapes. The wine connaisseurs amongst my readers will perhaps recognise the word, even: Caudalie is the amount of time the aroma’s of wine linger in the mouth after tasting.

But apparently you can do more than make wine with grapes. This French couple made a wonderful discovery on their wine farm. Grape seeds contain one of the most powerful anti oxidants in the plant kingdom: polyfenols. And with this, Caudalie was born: from the grape seeds that they would normally throw away, but can mean salvation for your skin.

About the Instant Detox Mask

This mask comes in a good sized tube, so it will last you for quite a while. I have used this twice a week and my tube lasted for about two months, so you get quite a bit of bang for your buck!

Once a week, I have used this in combination with the Caudalie scrub (review later!), which was also in the Limited Edition Box. I love that stuff but since it’s pretty coarse, I restrict my use to once a week to let my skin recover again.

The Instant Detox Mask has a very neutral scent. Actually it does not really have a scent, which I do like for a mask. At least you won’t have some obnoxious scent in your nose while you are waiting for this to do its job.

“I believe in a greener planet and more committed cosmetics. I formulate my products for all women who, like me, don’t want to choose between effectiveness and naturalness, between glamour and ecology.”

Using the Instant Detox Mask

It’s pink! Yes! Also, it is a little bit thin and runny, so don’t put too much on your fingers to start with. It does not run off your face, but you do need to put a thin layer on there, so no slathering either! This does make a little go a long way though, so your tube will last you for quite a while!

According to the instruction you need to leave this on for ten minutes. In that time, you don’t really feel much, aside from the mud drying on your face. This makes the mask (and your face) shrink a little bit. After ten minutes, the clay is almost all dry. If you would look into the mirror, you can see where the clay has sunk into your pores. Wow, that is a bit confronting to see!

Washing it off takes a bit of time, but in my experience, all clay masks have that because they dry out. It gets wet again easily, but you do need to take special care of all those little nooks and crannies in your face, like around your nose and along your hairline. Otherwise you will have bits of pink left on your face.

When everything is removed, my skin really feels super soft and clean! I am really amazed! It does not dry my skin too much – a little bit around the eyes, so I do need to moisturise after. No red spots, no irritation. Great! After my mask, I like to use a good amount of skincare: serum, moisturizer and a little oil if I have it. Leave all that to boost my skin overnight!

Product: Instant Detox Mask
Merk: Caudalie
Kopen: Look Fantastic
Kosten: €25,45 (75 ml)

What I think

This Instant Detox Mask by Caudalie became one of my favourites very fast. Just like the serum, actually. So far, I ma really impressed by this brand! I would certainly recommend the mask: it is nice to your skin and it cleans amazingly well!

This mask works especially well for oily or combination skin, or when you have a little acne (or those pesky period pimples!). I will certainly buy this again!

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