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Review: Carrot Broccoli Chia Face Serum by You & Oil

20 February 2019
You & Oil Serum

I’ve had a period where every beauty box I get contained a serum – so it took a while for me to actually get to this one! The Goodiebox community was raving about this: the Carrot Broccoli Chia Face Serum by You & Oil. An oil-based serum with all kinds of superfoods. Great boost for your skin!

About You & Oil

You & Oil Serum

You & Oil originates from Lithuania. The website is clean and simple, with a lot of text and very few pictures – at least in the ‘about us‘ – part of it. But that does not make this product less special. Not only did You & Oil win an award for best female entrepreneur, but it was also the first Lithuanian brand to receive an Ecocert certificate.

And both of those were surely deserved, according to the website. You & Oil is inspired by trust: making use of beautiful ecologically responsible ingredients to create a product that we can trust and use without any reservations.

About the Carrot Broccoli Chia Face Serum

You & Oil is a serum so you use it after cleansing and before your moisturiser. The serum comes in a glass bottle, so be careful in your bathroom and don’t drop it on the tiles. The top has a little dripper thingy so you won’t pour half the bottle in your hand – very handy.

The instructions are also simple: shake a few drops from the bottle onto your fingers, rub your fingers together to warm the oil and put it onto your face. Let it sink in for a bit and then continue with the rest of your skincare. The stuff itself does not really have a scent – or a very neutral one. Which is great when you still need to use a (scented) moisturiser.

We are about the knowledge, the perception, and responsible decisions that shape a happy life.

You & Oil

Using the You & Oil Serum

Before I started using this, I was a little sceptical. Isn’t this going to make my (already oily) skin even more oily? Or perhaps oil based serums just don’t work for me, like with the Moroccan Rose oil I tried?

But of course I was too curious not to try it at all. I used this twice a day, in the morning and evening. I used about 3 or 4 drops on my fingertips, rubbed the tips together to warm the oil and then applied it to my face.

So the dropper thingy took a little getting used to. You really need to shake that bottle well to get some out of it! Maybe a squeeze dropper would have been easier to use, but then again those drops are usually bigger and fatter and roll right off your fingers.

Once applied, this stuff is quickly absorbed by the skin. Because I put it on my fingers first, I did not use too much on my face en my skin did not get oilier than it already was. It does leave a bit of a oily film on the skin which needs a moment to get absorbed, so my advice would be to leave it for a while before applying your moisturiser.

Lastly, this stuff does work very well on those dry patches of skin. I have a few of those, and with a bit of You & Oil they were just gone!

You & Oil Serum

Product: Carrot Broccoli Chia Face Serum
Brand: You & Oil
Buy: J’adore Bio
Cost: €36,90 (30 ml)

My thoughts

I have to say this: the You & Oil serum is a lot better than I thought! I had expected oily skin, drippy oil and a lot of fuss, but no. The oil is easy to apply when you put it on your fingers first, and when you rub it between your fingers to warm, you won’t be applying an overdose on your face, either.

The oil gets absorbed quickly and is pleasant on the skin – especially during the cold winter days. On those days, my skin feels a little more raw and rough because of the cold and the wind, so a little extra skin food is more than welcome!

I do notice my skin is a little more shiny – something I think is caused by this serum being an oil. Thankfully it does not feel greasy or dirty. I will continue to use this in the winter, and will look for something lighter again when the weather gets warmer. Great product!

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    Wow, that sounds like a nice product. Congratulations


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