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Review: Blaq Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask

11 February 2019
Blaq Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask

It has been a while since I received this eye mask in my Goodiebox: the Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask by Blaq. The what…?! Hyaluronic (try saying that three times fast). Eye Mask. I don’t know what the first thing is. But I understand the second, and it promised to take care of those bags under my eyes. So here goes nothing!

About Blaq

Blaq Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask

Blaq seems a bit too close to ‘black’ to be a coincidence. And it is not – the package is black. Actually, the eye mask itself is black, as well. So what’s behind this Australian brand?

Blaq has a secret weapon: activated charcoal. And they put it in everything. There is a skincare line with a face mask, eye mask, exfoliator and body scrub – all featuring activated charcoal. There is even a teeth whitening wand with – you guessed it – activated charcoal! And everything comes in black. It does look kinda cool.

So this secret weapon does just about everything, according to the Blaq people. It pulls impurities from the skin, makes you look healthy and glowy, and can even whiten your teeth! Aside from that, this brand is 100% cruelty free – so not only the end product is not tested on animals, but that goes for all the components they use in it as well. Good to know!

About the Hyaluronic Acid Eye Mask

The eye mask I received usually comes in a package of five. I only had one, so I only tested this product once.

The eye mask is individually packed in plastic, with both eye pads neatly placed in their own little space. So I was not prepared for what happened when I opened the package: these pads are VERY slippery! While I was opening the pack, one of the pads slithered out and into the wash basin. Thankfully, the package comes with enough fluid to let it re-soak for a bit.

Because I had just single pack, it did not come with instructions – so I googled it. Put underneath the eyes, let sit for about 20 minutes and voila! Fresh eyes! I hope.

Activated charcoal will pretty much solve all of your problems – Got acne? Activated charcoal. Discoloured teeth? Activated charcoal. Dry skin? Activated charcoal. Boyfriend dumped you? Activated charcoal.

Using the eye mask

Okay, so I have never used an eye mask before. It took a bit of getting used to. Those black jiggly things are pretty slippery and it took me a bit to get them out of their little baths. It was easy to stick them underneath my eyes, but I did wonder how this is going to fix my eye bags, since you do need to maintain some distance between these things and your eyes. So effectively, you are sticking them underneath your bags.

Anyway, because of the fluid they did feel nice on the skin. It had a bit of a cooling effect, so I think this would be expecially refreshing when you’ve had a rough night. Just, the 20 minutes were long! That is about twice as long as my average face mask. And the scent wasn’t exactly nice. Mine gave off a very strong, plastic or paint-like smell. At first I thought it was coming from inside the house somewhere, but no. It did come from the pads. It even made me a little dizzy.

Removing the eye masks was easy. They were still slippery things, but the fluid does not leave much of a residue on your skin. So no sticky stuff on my face! The skin underneath my eyes did feel a tiny bit dry, but nothing really dramatic.

For me, the big drawback was the plastic smell. So after removing the eye mask, I washed my hands and my face with something that smelled a lot nicer.

Caudalie Deep Cleansing Exfoliator

Product: Deep Cleansing Exfoliator
Merk: Caudalie
Kopen: Look Fantastic
Kosten: €23,45 (75 ml)

What I think

Well…what should I think of this eye mask? The only thing I really liked about it was the cooling effect on the skin. But it was a bit of a hassle to get it out of the package (or to keep it from getting out by itself) and especially, the scent was really not for me.

And the results… well, I cannot say I have noticed much of a difference. But on the other had, what was I expecting from something that you stick a few centimeters underneath your eyes. So I am going to skip this one and prefer a good eye serum and maybe an ice cube or cucumber slice every now and then.

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