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January Beauty Trash – this went out

6 February 2019
Beauty Trash Januari Banner

In the first month of the year, a lot of stuff (sadly) went out the door again. I had a lot of stuff that was already almost done, and then you have one of those time where you seem to run out of everything. That was my januari. A lot of very nice products, but just one I am really, sorely going to miss. Read and enjoy!

In the shower: Treacle Moon, Rituals en Love Beauty & Planet

Beauty Trash Januari 2019 - Douche

A lot of products went empty in the shower this month. My favourite Rituals scrub is gone. I loved the scent of it (as always with Rituals products) and it made my skin so soft and clean! Rituals mixes a little bit of oil into their scrubs, which leaves your skin smooth and hydrated and without need for a separate body lotion after. I love it!

That big Treacle Moon bottle is also empty. Lasts for a long time, that huge bottle! I really love the scent of this: fresh and fruity! I did have a little trouble with the cap. The lid is pressed on very tightly, which makes it a bit of a hassle to open when you are in the shower. Great for when you are traveling though!

The last empty is a shampoo from Love Beauty & Planet. I have used this one before and I absolutely love it. The coconut smell is great, if foams like nothing else and leaves my hair clean and fresh. I am going to be using this for a while!

On my face: eye cream and essence

Beauty Trash Januari 2019 - Gezicht

The Sea Buckthorn Eye Cream by Ilse Jacobsen was my first eye cream – and I loved it! I’ll admit, it is a bit of extra work to gently pat a separate cream around your eyes, but I loved the results it gave me. And it made me want to add an eye cream to my routine permanently – which is great, because I received another one in the Christmas Bluxbox.

The essence by Erno Laszlo is a different story. To be honest, I am not really sure what to do with an essence. I used this one after cleansing and before moisturising. Sometimes in combination with a toner, and sometimes not. It does feel nice and fresh, but I am really not sure it actually adds anything to my skincare routine.

Clay Mask by Caudalie

Beauty Trash Januari 2019 - Masker

Noooooo not my Caudalie clay mask! This one was in my Limited Edition Caudalie Box from Look Fantastic – and it really was fantastic. This mask was my secret weapon: it made my skin miraculously clean, battled outbreaks and made everything super soft and smooth. I am so sad it’s empty! I did buy something else – the clay mask from Sand & Sky that I am currently testing, but this one is a keeper for sure. Read my complete review here!

Cleansing: cleanser, micellair water and toner

Beauty Trash Januari 2019 - Reiniging

Wow, my toner is gone. This bottle from The Body Shop lasted forever! Actually, I am a little sad to see it go. I have used it for so long, and I still like it a lot. But by now I have so many other things to try and test that I am going to leave this one for a bit.

I loved the Nivea makeup remover. Which is a good thing, because I found another one in the goodiebag I bought from Bluxbox a while ago! It feels nice and fresh on the skin and removes makeup well – which is just about all I want from a makeup remover. My complete review is over here.

Last but not least, I used a small sample of this cleanser by Laroche, which came as a bonus with my last order at Look Fantastic. It was nice to try for a bit, but other than the neutral smell I can’t really say much about it after just a few tries.

Well, that was all for this month! Actually it was not so bad, now that I look back on it. I am just really sad about the Caudalie mask being gone. That one is coming back for sure!

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