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Rewind: 2018 in three words

18 December 2018
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Wow, we’re almost through! Seriously, this year went by SO fast… so much has happened, fun and less fun, inspiring, sometimes boring and annoying, but overall very very busy.

Describe 2018 in three words. That is the first question coming at me from the Happiness Planner printables. I got these with my new planner, but you can also dow download them for free here. Okay, three words… here we go!

1. Busy, busy, busy

Rewind 2018 - Tijd, Druk

There, that’s three of ’em. Ha. This year was mostly horribly busy! I’ve been continuously wondering where I am going to get the time. And I still am. I have a busy job where I fulfil two roles at the same time, we just moved to our new home last year and it still needs a lot of work, I have no idea how to keep up with the housekeeping, my blog keeps me busy and I still want to pick up my jewellery making again and I want to get back in shape, too…

Yes, I have a big wish list! Time to put up some priorities, I think.

2. Realisation

Rewind 2018 - Realisatie, Idee

Shall I put in a word that will probably make your toes curl and your hair stand on end? Realisation. Yeas, I know, it sounds like one of those horrible management words. But I did realise a few things this year. That I can’t do everything at the same time. That I am totally allowed to like anything and everything, but I will have to choose the things I am going to actually do (and also: what I will not do). That leaving things as they are is sometimes better than stressing to get everything done. That I actually do want to have a baby. Or twins. That fixing up a house is a lot of work. That I married the sweetest man in the universe. And that I still have a lot to do and a lot to learn.

Well, and that big list brings me right back to word number 1. Busy! Because how am I going to do all this? Obviously I have to make some choices. Not my strongest point, but something I will need to do more often in 2019.

3. Blogging

My last 2018-word is blogging. This year, I started my blog here at Huid ‘n Haar. It was also the year I put more time into my blog than into my home and learned more about blogging and online marketing than I every thought I would learn. Wow.  

Really, I thought (and still think) this is one incredible journey. I started blogging just for fun. I’ve always loved writing and for me, this is something to help me blow off some steam and sort out my thoughts.

Rewind 2018 - Bloggen

But now, I am no longer alone here, but you guys are here with me! And that makes everything ten times better still. Now I don’t use write for me, but also for all you people stopping by for a visit or even sticking around to read more of my crazy experiments, thoughts and unboxing. Thank you all SO much for your visits, your sweet, funny and crazy comments and everything else you do!

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