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Happy New Year! Huid ‘n Haar in 2019

1 January 2019

Yes, first day of 2019! I love having the entire year ahead of me – bare, clean and fresh. Where all opportunities are still open and you can dream all you want about what you will do and experience and achieve. So cool!

Usually, I am bursting with new ideas and good intentions on this first day – and today is no different. So, because I actually want to get things done, I am going to use you, my dear readers, to help me achieve my goals. So I won’t disappoint you guys – and myself. This is what’s going on at Huid ‘n Haar this year.

Time to get serious! 


In december, Huid ‘n Haar had over 1.000 readers for the first time. Wow! Okay, so it started as a hobby, but now it’s time to make some serious work out of this blog! I think.

First of all, the name. Huid ‘n Haar. Or in English, Skin ‘n Hair. Or should I call it Hide ‘n Hair, instead? Anyway, you may have noticed the apostrophe-n in there. Deliberately placed, because my web address lacks the letters as well – simply because that url was already taken.

So! Time to call my blog as it is, to avoid confusion and make it easier (at least for the Dutchies) to find my blog by its name. And have a good logo, finally. And a nice layout for my blog. This year will be blog enhancement year!

Blog regularly

My regular readers may have noticed that things got a little quiet around the holidays last year. My job got a bit demanding at that point, the holidays demanded time and I had a nice bout of the flu to top it all off. Things did not go as planned!

So, this year, that is not going to happen again. Okay, I’ll be playing on the safe side with this, but I want to put out a new blog four times a week – so basically every other day instead of every day. So I am making a blog schedule so I can work ahead, and you guys will still have fresh blogs even when I’m sick or out looking for easter eggs with my little niece.

English, please!

Okay, so my blog name is not exactly English, but I’m doing it anyway. Huid ‘n Haar now comes in English, too! Not all of my older blogs have been translated yet (working on it!) but all new blogs will also appear in English.

That also means my social media will be bilingual. I am still trying to figure out how to set that up so it will work for everyone, but I would love for my English readers to be able to participate as well!

More unboxings

Goodiebox van December

The best read articles on my blog are unboxings. And I will admit, I LOVE doing those. Lately, I’ve been discovering all kinds of new beauty boxes that are being shipped internationally, and I would love to try them all!

So, coming soon to Huid ‘n Haar: new, less known, funny and weird beauty boxes from all over the world.

What would YOU like to see?

New year, new chances! What are your beauty questions, your struggles, things you are curious about and would love to see, hear or read more about on Huid ‘n Haar?

Here’s your chance – don’t keep quiet, just crawl into the comment box below and let me know what floats your boat, beauty wise, and what you would like to see on Huid ‘n Haar this year!

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