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5 signs of high stress level

13 January 2019
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We all have a busy day sometimes. But if you are very busy every day, and are busy for weeks or months at a time, it can get too much. It is really important to keep paying attention to your stress level and recognise when you are having too much, for too long. Here are five signs to look for.

1. Tiredness

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This is what is all starts with, and for many people this will simply be a part of life. If you are busy, you will take less time to recharge and you often even use your times of rest to work – either for real or all in your head. With all that work, you can’t rest well and your body and mind will not recover as well as they should from all the exertion – with tiredness as a logica consequence.

Being tired every once in a while is pretty normal (everyone can have a broken night after all – especially when you have young children!) but if you’ve been tired for days, beware. Perhaps you are working too hard?

2. A short fuse

When you are very busy, every bit of work that comes on top of what you already need to do is too much. If that situation goes on and work keeps on stacking, you may notice you get angry quicker than you usually do, and sometimes over the stupidest things as well. Small setbacks make you cranky and extra work can really make you explode. Recognisable? You may be under too much stress!

3. Making lots of mistakes

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Like you didn’t have enough on your plate already. In your hurry to get everything done on time, you make more and bigger mistakes than you usually would. So, on top of your overflowing to do list comes the rework of righting those mistakes. And you better do it quickly as well, because deadlines…. aaaargh!

And let’s be honest: if you would have just had a nice, relaxed day, you probably would not have even made those mistakes in the first place. Or you would have discovered them in time because you would have taken the time to double check your work before finishing up. Right?

4. Forgetfulness

Actually this is kind of like number 3. No matter how hard you try, you just know you’re forgetting something…. but what? Sometimes it is so bad, you forget the most basic things. Your house keys, for instance, which you normally just throw into your bag on auto-pilot. Or your grocery list when you go shopping. Or you left the car key in the contact (and are now wondering how you are going to lock your car…).

5. Crying fits

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Just like number 2, an extreme venting of emotions. And one you really, really need at that moment! Most people just don’t realise how much pressure is on them until they had a long, hard cry about it. And even then, a lot of them just continue on like nothing happened.

So are you having these crying fits? That is a loud and clear STOP from you body. Please listen to it!

Do you recognise one (or more) of these signs? Don’t let them pass you by and do something about it! Your body is asking for your attention – ignore it at your own risk!

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