What is double cleansing?

Lately, I’ve been reading more and more about double cleansing. Celebs do it, beauty fans do it, magazines write about it… but what is double cleansing, and why should you be doing this?

Double cleansing just sounds like washing your face twice, right? Yes, but that is not entirely true. Actually, there are two steps to thoroughly cleanse your face.

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Best of 2018 - Banner

End of year list: best of 2018!

Wow, so you just start a blog for fun one day and the next thing you know is you’ve blogged out the year! So much has happened, and it all went so fast! 

At the end of the year we all like to look back at all the time we’ve had together, and for Huid & Haar this was a year full of good things and surprises. Here are my highlights for 2018:

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