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Radiant 2019: Five new beauty habits

7 January 2019
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I have learned so many new things about beauty and skincare last year! And to start the new year the right way, I have come up with some new beauty habits that I am going to put into action this year. With these five good beauty habits you will look radiant all year!

1. Double cleansing

A clean skin is always a good start! So my evening beauty routine starts with a double cleansing: remove every single trace of makeup with a goor makeup remover or micellar water, then cleanse your face with a good cleanser and some (luke)warm water.

By removing your makeup before washing your face, you have a great base for your skincare and all those wonderful, rejuvenating ingredients will be at their most effective!

2. Serums

Serum van Caudalie

I have already mentioned this in my Caudalie review, but serums really are my big discovery in 2018, and now I don’t want to go without them anymore. So, a good serum is an absolute musthave in my daily routine.

3. Seasonal differences

I noticed that my skin has different needs depending on the season. Last summer I was more worried about sweat and moisture, while in the winter my skin got more dry and irritated.

This year, I will be trying out different products depending on the season. There will be some lighter products in the summer, that don’t leave any greasy residues and let my skin breathe. In the winter, I will be using the richer products to really hydrate and feed my skin, which DO leave a little protective layer behind against the cold.

4. Keep experimenting

Bluxbox Kerst 2018

My blog started with testing all kinds of products I had never heard of. By now, most of the names are starting to sound at least a little familiar, and I know what to do with most things I get in my beauty boxes. Whew!

Still, I love to keep experimenting. You never know what kind of beautiful things you’ll miss out on if you never try anything new! I am slowly developing some preferences for certain products or brands, but I also want to keep trying new things.

5. Know your skin (and use the right stuff in the right places)

With all the experimenting I did, I also learned a lot about my own skin. What it takes to make it happy, what kind of thing it reacts badly to, where the little problem zones are and how to deal with those.

So my last good beauty habit is to not treat my face as a uniform whole. I have combination skin, and so there are patches that get greasy while other spots feel very dry. Using different products on those different zones will (hopefully) ensure that each spot gets what is best for them and my skin will be happy and healthy.

Wow, seems like I have a lot of work to do this year! But, I am going to try and stick with these habits.

Do you guys have some good beauty habits to take with you into the new year?

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