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Friday FAQ – How to test beauty products

14 December 2018
Waar let je op met testen - Desktop

It has been a while since the last Fridag FAQ, but this question I got a while ago warrants a return of the series – so we’re back, for now! The question was how to test beauty products – and I can only tell you how I do this for my reviews, so here goes! 

Waar let je op met testen - Desktop

Way back when I just started blogging, I didn’t really know what I should or should not pay attention to. I was very enthousiast about products and loved writing about everything! Sometimes, I would only try a product once or twice before writing my review.

Ha! That changed after I tried this moisturizing cream from Clinique and after three days figured it was alright. Two weeks later, the stuff gave me an itchy rash – that was the moment I figured I needed to be a whole lot more thorough. 

Thorough testing

So my testing changed drastically after that experience. When I have a travel sized product I usually test the entire thing and only start writing when all of it is gone. On average, I take two or three weeks for testing to minimize the chance of getting a bad reaction after writing my review. Sadly, I don’t have that opportunity when I get a sample sized product or a product that can only be used one time (like a sheet mask). If that is the case, I tend to just say do in my blog, so you all know I’ve only tested once. I think that is fair, and it allows you guys to draw your own conclusions about what I write.

Most products get tested for about two weeks and yes, I do keep track. I have a little notebook in which I keep a testing diary of sorts. Every product I use gets in there, along with the date I started using it and when I stopped. I also track how often I use it and how long the amount I have lasted me. This way I can tell you how much uses you will get out of a product, even if you don’t use it every day (like with the Charcoal Sponge). 

Similar article layout

Lately, I’ve been trying to write all my reviews in the same way. I will tell you something about the brand itself and the philosophy behind it – this information I research and usually link to websites of the brand itself.

After that, I will have a look and feel about the product itself. I will discuss the packaging, the colour and scent of the product, and how I feel about these things.

 I usually do this when I use a product for the first time – nothing like a first impression, right? And all my thoughts and impressions are also going into the notebook, so I won’t forget about them when I start writing. 

The actual testing

After all that, the actual testing starts! I note how I used the product: did I follow the product instructions or did I deviate? That might be good for you guys to know – usually, you know how often you use something and can compare my testing to your own use.

Waar let je op met testen - notitieboekje

I keep notes during the entire testing period. If I notice a change somewhere, I will take note of the date and write down what changed. And sometimes, I notice something on day 2 that hasn’t occurred to me on day 1. And in goes another note. And so I gather a whole lot of notes about a product while I’m testing. 

After about two weeks, I will start writing my blog and present the most important things I noticed to you guys, so you will know what to expect when you buy and use that product.

My thoughts

So far, I’ve been trying to stay as neutral as possible. But I always have my own thoughts, as well, and I think it is important to share. So at the end of the blog, I will discuss my experience and give you my personal opinion about it. 

For this last bit, I review everything I have noted in my little book and ask myself how I feel about this product. Was it ‘just’ a good product, was it not so good (and why not)? Would I buy it again? And who would benefit most from this stuff? Which skin types would I recommend this to? 

When I finished writing my blog and publishing it all for you to read, I have a fun little moment: I get to try something new again! … and I get to write everything down, again. I love trying out new things, and I am always curious. So for me, there is nothing more fun than throwing out the old and dig around my beauty stash to put something new in the empty spot. I love it! 

What do you guys do when you try out something new? 

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