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End of year list: best of 2018!

31 December 2018
Best of 2018 - Banner

Wow, so you just start a blog for fun one day and the next thing you know is you’ve blogged out the year! So much has happened, and it all went so fast! 

At the end of the year we all like to look back at all the time we’ve had together, and for Huid & Haar this was a year full of good things and surprises. Here are my highlights for 2018:

Best event: the birth of Huid & Haar

Huid & Haar Logo

Of course I had to kick off the list with this! I started in April, very cautiously and unsure of whether or not I would actually enjoy this, on a free WordPress blog. Three months later I was hooked and Huid & Haar was born – on its own domain and with a small group of followers I had acquired through WordPress. Most of those followers are still here today, and the group is growing. So thank you all, my dear readers, for being here and supporting my blog. You are my heroes! 

Best surprise: the guys! 

You know what surprised me most when I looked at my analytics? Guys. Gentlemen, I know you are reading this, so no more hiding now! Really, according to Google half of my readers is male. And here I was thinking I was doing something so girly it would make most men (no, ALL men) puke. My bad! 

Best of 2018 - mannen

I’ve gone ahead and told my darling at home that he is getting his own corner on my blog. Ha! I hope he will do it. I do love to try new things, but I don’t have a beard or bushy nose hair or other male appearance troubles, so it will be hard for me to do write about that. So, to all the guys reading this: help me convince my man to do the manly care thing – leave some encouragement in the comments! 

Best discovery: Caudalie

I have NEVER tried so many new things as I did this past six months. Really, if I had to buy it all myself I would not have known where to even start. Thank God for beauty boxes! Thanks to Look Fantastic and Goodiebox (and since last month, Bluxbox) I get to try all kinds of things, from budget brands to high end luxury products. It is so cool! And so hard to decide which one is actually the best…

Best of 2018 - Caudalie

After much deliberating, I have decided that the best beauty discovery I have made so far is Caudalie. I bought a Limited Edition box of this brand at Look Fantastic, and I am still using products from that box for my weekly exfoliate-and-mask session. It makes my skin feel so smooth and soft! And I still miss that makeup remover I emptied last month. 

Best LOL moment: bubble masks

Okay, so I’m not crazy about their effect on my skin, but they do make you bubble with laughter: bubble masks! If you have followed my blog for a while you might remember I am not a big fan of that little sticky layer these masks leave on your skin. But really, you just look dorky when your entire face is covered in bubbles! I can never resist making a silly selfie when I am trying one of these. It’s just too funny! 

Best Buy: Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Binnenkant

Aside from all those beauty boxes I get every month, I do still regularly buy stuff. You can read all about my purchases in the monthly Beauty Buys blogs – currently only a few, but I am sure there will be more! 

The best thing I bought this year was also the most expensive: Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. With a price tag over 50 Euros this was also the most expensive palette I have ever bought, but wow. I can make so many looks with this and I use it every day! Still very happy I got this! 

2019, here we come! 

With so many good memories my 2018 rocked! I can’t wait to see where 2019 will take me – and my blog. Hopefully here are many more great moments to come! 

What was your favorite moment of the year? 

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