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2019: five beauty trends we will see this year

14 January 2019
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The year has only just started and everyone is looking into their crystal balls already. What is 2019 beauty going to bring us? Which things will stick around for a while and which 2018 beauty trends will be traded for something new?

I dove into the internet looking for beauty trends, predictions and new for this year.

1. Shiny but not sticky

Matte lipsticks are a thing in beauty land. But by now, we’re aching for something more shiny – at least according to this article.

Matte lipsticks will make way for shimmers, silky glosses and shiny lipgloss. But without the stickiness of the lipglosses we know (and love/hate for it).

2. Nudes, nudes, nudes

We’ve had them for a while now, but it’s not over yet: nudes are here to stay in 2019! Soft browns and nude tints for eyes, but also on the lips to keep your look soft, friendly and natural.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little dash of colour, but colours remain muted, with natural coral or soft peaches.

3. Extravaganza: metallic lips

Of course, an answer to all those soft, natural nudes is not far behind. Splurge on extravagant colours with metallic effects – on your lips!

Metallic powders are applied on top of a base colour (which CAN be a nude, of course). You can put these only around the middle of your lips or all over for a super dramatic effect. Shine, shine, shine!

4. Small brands and planet awareness

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Party, we’re through with huge brands. We want smaller, more personal brands who have their own personal story. And we find them everywhere around us. Small cosmetics labs with their own brand, who don’t aim for the big bucks but really want to make a contribution that matters.

On top of that, we are also not looking for products with a lot of (uncertain) chemicals or products that leave a large footprint on the planet. Sustainable cosmetics are becoming the new norm, preferably with only natural ingredients.

5. High priority for skincare

More and more people are starting to believe in the ‘pure skin’ – ideal. With a naturally beautiful skin, you need very little makeup. So natural beauty (or K-beauty) is still hot this year!

As a result, we will buy more skincare, and more advanced skincare products. All striving for that naturally beautiful and healthy glow!

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